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[vc_row full_width=”stretch_row”][vc_column width=”1/2″][sliding_box image=”238″ title=”CEE Plugs & Sockets”][vc_column_text]Wide range of plugs & Sockets:   Straight Plugs Angled plugs Wall mounted plugs Flang

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Wide range of plugs & Sockets:

  • Straight Plugs
  • Angled plugs
  • Wall mounted plugs
  • Flanged plugs
  • Phase inverters
  • Accessories
  • Mobile Connectors
  • Wall Mounted Sockets
  • Flanged Sockets

[/popup][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][sliding_box image=”237″ title=”Special Plugs & Sockets”][vc_column_text]Extra Low Voltage Plugs and Sockets Protective extra-low-voltage is a preventive measure for use

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Extra Low Voltage Plugs and Sockets
Protective extra-low-voltage is a preventive measure for use under extreme conditions. The rated voltage (AC) is limited by max. 50V. Special working conditions like conductive environment in or on boilers, pipelines, containers, metal frames or limited freedom of motion require the use of extra-low-voltage plugs and sockets. The new “Twist” extra-low-voltage series provides a complete range of plugs, connectors and flanged sockets which meet all installation requirements, specially developed for use on building sites, shipyards and in factories. Connecting the cable is fast and reliable! No tools are neededfor assemblyPlugs and Sockets – 7 Pole
7 Pole (6P+E) Industrial plugs and sockets cover a wide range of application like Motor Star-Delta Connections, Tapped Winding Connections, Actuation, Monitoring, Controlling, Indicating, Electrical Interlocks and many more….Container Plugs and Sockets
PCE container plugs and sockets are specially designed for the rough condition on reefer-containers, at harbors and terminals…..Caravan Plugs and Sockets
PCE caravan devices are perfectly designed for the use on camp sites, caravan and marinas.

Products includes –  Plug and connector, Flanged socket lockable, Wall mounted plug, Angled plug, angled connector, Adapters, Distribution products, Energy pillars

P-Nova,Taurus & Nautilus Series Plugs and Sockets

The “P-Nova“ socket outlet with earthing contact is characterized in particular by its:
•  Robust construction based on high-grade polyamide,
•  Screwless connection technology or screw contact system (connection from the rear or the side)
•  Various flange sizes
•  Four-point mounting
•  Special sealing contour for IP54 on the backside

Nautilus Watertight Plugs and Sockets IP66/68
•  robust design for severe conditions
•  housing material PC/ABS
•  IP66/68 waterproof up to 2 bar / 2 h
•  cover with bayonet very large hinged lid opening angle (~160°)
•  contact-supporting part of PA6, glow wire test 850°C
•  open contact screw head +/-
•  nickel-plated screw terminals
•  cover and cap with elastic band
•  axels and mounting screws in stainless V2A quality
•  two earthing system (plug)
•  screwless cable gland (plug/connector)

Taurus Plugs and Connectors
•  IP44
•  for severe conditions
•  16A 250V~
•  rubber and solid rubber
•  single and dual-point earthing system

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Distribution Box MOBILE – Solid Rubber & ThermoplasticSOLID RUBBER DB – INFORMATIONSolid Rubber Housings
Our solid rubber distributor housings are made from a mixture of natural rubber, styrene and butadiene (NK/SBR). The raw material is processed – in slab form – at pressures of up to 400 t and at a temperature of 180°C. This triggers a vulcanization process which lends the distributor its final form without affecting its consistency.Features
•  unbreakable, halogen-free and aging-resistant solid rubber housing
•  resistant to a diversity of oils, greases, gasoline and acids
•  high mechanical strength, aging and corrosion resistant
•  UV and ozone resistant
•  insensitive to fountains of welding sparks and similar
•  temperature resistant -30°C to + 80°C
•  not flammable according to EN 60695-11-5

Type of protection: IP54 (IP67 on request)
The protection degree of the complete product is defined by the unit with the lowest protection which is mounted.

Standard design
•  enclosure with carrying handle made of solid-rubber
•  entry: high-flexible rubber cable or plug
•  CEE sockets i.e. protective contact sockets made of PA6 with nickel plated exchangeable contacts
•  saftey device material under impact resistant, opening hinged window (opening angle > 180°)
•  all exposed metal parts of stainless steel. Captive screws
•  numbered electrical circuits and extension sockets – fast, clear identification
•  MCBs „C“ characteristics
•  RCDs 30mA, over all outlets
•  distributors wired to terminals (individual connection)

Mobile thermoplastic distribution boxes are suitable for in- and outdoor areas. The boxes are available in different sizes and designs.

Protection degree: IP44, IP54 and IP66/67

The massive and high-quality enclosure made from PC/ABS tested and certified according to IEC/EN 62208* provides a wide range of positive features. Such as high impact resistance and notched bar impact strength, high thermal stability, dielectric strength, weather, UV and wear resistance, good insulation properties, and resistance against many chemicals. The material used is free from cadmium, red phosphor and halogens (fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and astatine). Mobile thermoplastic distribution boxes are well suited for all applications. Especially in those areas that depend on high-quality, a robust enclosure and total reliability, such as in industry, trade, workshops, agriculture, household, public buildings, leisure, sport, marinas, camping, etc. Adjusted to your needs we put together individually tailored and optimally equipped wall distribution


[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][sliding_box image=”239″ title=”Switched Interlocked Sockets”][vc_column_text]Wide Range of Interlocked Switched Sockets suitable for better protection for Industrial purpose

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Wide Range of Interlocked Switched Sockets suitable for better protection for Industrial purpose
  • Switched Interlocked Sockets – Compact
  • Switched Interlocked Sockets
  • Switched Interlocked Sockets – With Din Rail
  • Switched Interlocked Sockets – Fused